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Scholarships Opportunities




Password: Some may use: lowercase first and last initials and lunch number - for example, pm12345; Others may have changed their passwords so only you would know it.

Scholarship Opportunities

Art Scholarship

Applicants completing this application will be considered for multiple scholarships that are specified for the arts, including but not limited to art study, art education, music, performing arts, and visual arts.  They are not academically based, and do not necessarily need to be your major.


Richard & Caroline Smith Building Trades Scholarship

This scholarship is open to a Charleroi senior that is completing their education in the electrical, carpentry, or construction technology field that plans to either enter into a training program or join the work force in one of these fields.


CASDEF 2021-2022 Scholarships

Applicants completing this application will be considered for all of the scholarships listed above, in addition to any scholarships added through the Foundation.


CASDEF/Claybaugh Courage Awards

The Claybaugh Courage Awards were established by the Claybaugh family in honor and memory of their parents, Flo & Tom, and their brother, Michael, in 2018.  Each year they will select two Charleroi senior recipients:  the first, any student pursuing higher education; and the second, any student who has successfully completed training in any discipline at the Mon Valley Career and Technical School.  The award includes a financial stipend